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Don’t leave millions behind, rethink the Mandatory SIM Registration – CPDG

April 28, 2023

CPDG  expresses extreme concern that the Philippine government is leaving marginalized sectors and vulnerable groups behind due to very poor preparation and ultra-hasty implementation of the SIM Registration Act. Since there is no get-at-table Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training in the country, digitally incapacitated sectors become more vulnerable by unwillingly, worse unknowingly, giving out their personal data, metadata, and information.

Group calls for suspension of SIM registration

Junk Sim Registration Network | January 11, 2023

Junk SIM Registration Network, an alliance of digital experts and consumers,
held a protest action today in front of the National Telecommunications Office
(NTC) to call for the suspension of the SIM Registration Law amidst glaring
violations to data privacy two weeks into its implementation.