Salu-Salo 2021: National People’s Food Systems Summit

August 23, 2021

Join us in Salu-Salo 2021: National People’s Food Systems Summit (NPFSS) from August 30 to 31 and September 11 to 12!

Salu-Salo 2021 is organized by Agroecology X, a network of civil society organizations and people’s organizations, to spread public awareness and support efforts to mainstream agroecology and food sovereignty as a response to the United Nation’s call to transform the current food systems.

The organizations under Agroecology X believe that only a strong people’s movement can challenge the current corporate-controlled food systems. Only a strong people’s movement that can tilt power relations in paving the way for the people to empower those who produce food against the profit-driven corporate elite.

The NPFSS aims to promote an agroecological food system anchored on genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization as the solution to the ills of the current global corporate food system.

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