Reclaiming Health and Well-Being: SDG 3 and privatization amid the pandemic

July 5, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the scant and weak public health system of our country. At the onset of the pandemic’s onslaught, we have seen how privatized healthcare is exclusively accessible to the privileged as patients from poor sectors are deprived from proper medical attention. Added to this, the government’s pandemic response appears to have worsened the inequality amidst the health crisis.

In line with this, the Council for Health and Development (CHD), the Coalition for People’s Right to Health (CPRH), Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD), and People’s Health Movement – Philippines (PHM PH) will be having an online forum themed “Reclaiming Health and Well-Being: SDG 3 and Privatization Amid the Pandemic” on July 7, at 6:00 PM Philippine time (12:00 PM CET) as part of the 2021 forum series themed People’s Review of the SDGs: “Rising above the health and economic crisis in the time of COVID-19” organized by the Council for People’s Development and Governance.

The forum aims to show that a system that prioritizes people’s health by providing free services (funded by the government) is doable and will result in better health outcomes compared to a public-private system in a government setting as experienced in other countries.

To participate, you may register at You may extend this invitation to your colleagues and networks. A link will be provided upon completing registration.