Prospects for Recovery, Human Rights, and People-Centered Development: A Public Forum on the 2022 Philippines

March 17, 2022

24 March 2022 (4 PM Manila; 9 AM Brussels)
Join via Zoom:


Philippine democracy and development are both at stake in the 2022 elections. As the nation faces multiple crises (e.g., economy, health, climate), the Filipino people hope that this undertaking will lead to domestic policies and measures that will address the various problems that the said crises entail. The need to provide concrete COVID-19 recovery measures, address the regressing human rights situation and restore the democratic institutions present the urgent and most crucial background to this year’s elections.

The Filipino people are looking at the international community to provide solidarity and the needed support against various attempts to influence the elections and further entrench impunity and tyranny. International solidarity is necessary in upholding the rule of law, protecting people’s rights, and ensuring good governance and genuine development.


The Public Forum organised by IBON International and the Council for People’s Development and Governance will provide a space for various Filipino and international stakeholders to:

  1. Discuss the Filipino people’s issues and demands in the upcoming elections
  2. Advance the people’s agenda to address the issues of recovery, human rights and people-centred development
  3. Call for international partnerships and solidarity to support the Filipino’s struggles for their right to development and people-powered democracy