Prospects for Peace After the 2022 Elections: A Call for Just Peace and End to Tyranny

February 16, 2022

Thirty-six years ago, in February 1986, tens of thousands of Filipinos from all walks of life united and rallied for days in the streets of Edsa to oust the corrupt, tyrannical dictator – then President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

But we have yet to attain just peace and the democratic spaces civil society, especially the struggling masses among the poor and marginalized have long fought for have been systematically eroded especially in the last five years under President Duterte’s bad governance.

In a few months come May 9, 2022, we look forward to having a change of governance and hopefully peace. But this will not happen under a Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte victory at the polls.

This gathering aims to amplify the campaign for just peace and an end to tyranny; and shed light why a broad spectrum of civil society is against the return of the Marcoses in power.

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Opening RemarksSr. Ma. Lisa Ruedas D.C., Daughters of Charity
Why is a BBM win a giant step backwards for democracy?
What can civil society do?
Joanna Cariño, CARMMA
Given the potential of peace talks to unite civil society,
what are the prospects for peace under each candidate?
Prof. Mike Pante, Pilgrims for Peace
Cultural presentation Danny Fabella
Open discussionModerator
Synthesis Alicia Lucena, Youth Act Now Against Tyranny


Joanna Cariño

Ms. Joanna K. Cariño is an indigenous Ibaloi woman directly descended from the pioneering Ibaloi-Igorot family of Mateo and Bayosa Cariño of Kafagway before it became the present-day Baguio City. Joanna has been a human rights defender her whole life, specifically in the field of indigenous peoples’ rights. She was already a student activist before martial law, and is a survivor of the Marcos dictatorship, having been illegally arrested, tortured and detained for two years during the martial law period. At present, Joanna sits on the Advisory Council of the Cordillera People’s Alliance. She is co-chair of SANDUGO, the Movement of Moro and Indigenous Peoples for Self-Determination. She chairs the Northern Luzon chapter of SELDA, the organization of ex political prisoners, and is among the convenors of CARMMA – the Campaign Against the Return of Marcos and Martial Law.

Mike Pante

Michael D. Pante is an associate professor at the Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University. He is also a convenor of Pilgrims for Peace, ACT for Peace, and Tanggol Kasaysayan.

Alicia Lucena

Alicia Lucena is the National Convenor of Youth Act Now Against Tyranny, a youth-led alliance of student councils, organizations, publications, and citizens against dictatorship and tyranny. She is also the National Secretary General of Anakbayan. In doubt and unrest, she makes hand-woven crafts, digital art, and does everything to make people smile.

This activity is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through CSO Partnership for Development effectiveness