Peasant organizations, agricultural development advocates, and civil society organizations shout: “Wakasan ang Kagutuman!”

July 25, 2021

Various organizations working on land and peasant rights, rural development, and food sovereignty converged in a forum themed “People’s Review of SDG 2: Binhian, Bungkalan, Bahaginan: Tugon sa Panawagang Wakasan ang Kagutuman!”

They exposed how the Philippine government continues to fail in addressing widespread hunger as it implements neoliberal policies that prioritize profit over people, just like what the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) does, and maintains the decades-old agrarian problems such as landlessness and import dependence.

The groups assert that the key to ending hunger and malnutrition is advancing food sovereignty where the people, especially farmers, lead in food production systems, policy making and their implementation.

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