Group calls for suspension of SIM registration

by Junk Sim Registration Network

January 11, 2023

Protest held against sim card registration law infront of the National Telecommunications Commission, January 11, 2023

Junk SIM Registration Network, an alliance of digital experts and consumers, held a protest action today in front of the National Telecommunications Office (NTC) to call for the suspension of the SIM Registration Law amidst glaring violations to data privacy two weeks into its implementation.

According to Maded Batara III, spokesperson for the Junk SIM Registration Network, the law’s requirement for collecting selfies for verification goes beyond its stated legal mandate and infringes on personal privacy. “We reject the use of selfies as a verification requirement and call on the NTC and telcos to delete any such data that has been collected from unwitting consumers,” said Batara.

In response to widespread public discontent, the NTC has already removed tick boxes related to marketing purposes. However, the Junk SIM Registration Network believes that further action must be taken to address the fundamental issues with the law. “We demand that the SIM Registration Law be suspended until these concerns are fully addressed and resolved,” said Batara.

Protester holding a card which contains a screenshot registrant saying “How can I register online if my cherry mobile is just keypad”.

The Junk SIM Registration Network has launched a petition on calling for the suspension of the SIM Registration Law, which highlights the glitches and inefficiencies observed during its first week of implementation.

“We call on all concerned citizens to join us in this fight and sign the petition,” ended Batara.

Maded Batara III
Spokesperson, Junk SIM Registration Network 09686812230

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