CPDG Solidarity Message for PridePH 2023

June 27, 2023

“The Council for People’s Development and Governance is a civil society platform committed to enabling the participation of the poor and marginalized in all aspects of public policy, programs, and projects to ensure the full realization of their right to development.

CPDG is also part of the Stop the Discrimination Coalition, a multisectoral legislative advocacy network representing marginalized groups and sectors from 14 regions in the Philippines. We advocate for and actively lobby for the Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Bill.

We believe that Pride Month goes beyond celebrating our gender, identities, and expression. It is also an assertion for gender development, equality, equity, and social justice.

We believe that people’s issues are gender issues. Under the looming Marcos Jr. administration, the rising prices of commodities and transportation fares, along with decreased wages and currency value, have intensified the struggles faced by marginalized and subordinated sectors, especially women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Many women and members of the LGBTQ+ community experience job insecurity and are forced into informal work or low-skilled and low-paid jobs abroad. After over a year of Marcos Jr.’s presidency, no concrete actions have been taken towards gender development.

In addition to economic issues, impunity and killings persist. We remember the vicious killing of Alex Dolorosa, a union organizer and LGBTQIA+ activist under the BPO Employees, Gay, Lesbians and Allies for Genuine Acceptance and Democracy (BEGLAD), during the labor sector’s fight for livable wages and the right to unionize and organize.“

Ultimately, CPDG joins PRIDE in calling on the Philippine government to fulfill its commitment to upholding gender development, equality, equity, and justice. This can be achieved by implementing realistic and fair wage policies, strengthening civic spaces, ending impunity, and passing essential bills such as the Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Bill, SOGIE Equality Bill, and Human Rights Defenders Bill. #eof#

*As delivered by Melanie Joy Feranil, CPDG Media & Communications Officer & Policy Associate, on 24 June 2023 at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Below are the links to the video clips last June 24, 2023: