COMELEC En Banc Resolution on Marcos disqualification: “Double murder and a sheer disrespect to all the victims of Martial Law”—CPDG

May 11, 2022

May 12, 2022

The Council for People’s Development and Governance (CPDG) vehemently condemns the Comelec En Banc’s junking of three disqualification cases against the strongman’s son, Bongbong Marcos. 

According to the En Banc Resolution, there is no cogent reason to disqualify Marcos and that the petitioners were unable to raise new matters that would warrant the reversal of the prior resolution. 

It could be remembered that Marcos has yet to pay the deficiency taxes and penalties the Court of Appeals issued in 1997 for failing to submit his income tax returns (ITRs) from 1982 to 1985, and hence was found guilty of violating Section 45 of the NIRC, according to a certification from the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (QC RTC).

Amid this hollering data, the Marcos camp rebutted the issue as political propaganda against Bongbong while the COMELEC which ought to be unbiased, is now brimmed with commissioners allied to Marcos-Duterte.

“Whether Marcos wins or not, his Presidential bid in the 2022 National Elections is a brazen show of disdain for their sins. It is a colossal effort to restore their name and power and erase the narratives of the Martial Law victims,” CPDG spokesperson, Liza Maza, told.

“He may suggest not inheriting the father’s mistakes, but he is a great peddler of lies and propaganda as his father, a convict for evading tax, and an unapologetic corrupt,” CPDG spokesperson continued.

Dismissing the disqualification case may be a political doctrine to let people live by their choice during elections. Disqualifying a leading candidate like Marcos may sound politicking and may concoct a more divided political attitude among the public. But restoration to the Marcoses’ conjugal dictatorship is a double murder and a sheer disrespect to all the victims of Martial Law. 

“The Marcoses, however, ought to be defeated with or without a disqualification case. The Marcoses’ sins are so colossal that they do not deserve disqualification, because they should have never re-entered politics again,” Maza ended.

CPDG stands with the people on making COMELEC accountable for this negligence. Now more than ever, we exhaust our campaign to say never again to Marcos-Duterte that disregards people’s rights and economy for their gain. #