Medical and health organizations demand a comprehensive, progressive, unified, and publicly-funded health care system

July 23, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic exposing the inaccessibility of healthcare in the country, the Coalition for People’s Right to Health, Council for Health and Development, Health Alliance for Democracy, and People’s Health Movement – Philippines held the forum Reclaiming Health and Well-Being: SDG 3 and privatization amid the pandemic on July 7, 2021. The organizations uncovered […]

Highlights from the People’s Review of SDG 1 & SDG 10: Rising above poverty and inequality in the time of COVID-19

July 22, 2021

The organizations and sectors involved are united in the conclusion that the Duterte government miserably failed in addressing the abject poverty and inequality aggravated by the pandemic. On the contrary, it was worsened by continuing budget cuts, anti-poor and pro-business policies, and the decade-old neoliberal framework in which the government’s development plan is anchored on. […]

Civil society organizations, rights group assess Duterte government’s commitment to peace, justice, and strong institutions

July 19, 2021

“Peace, justice, and good governance are inextricably linked to development. But the Duterte government’s militaristic response to the pandemic and characteristically repressive governance has significantly hindered the achievement of peace, justice, security and inclusive institutions, setting back the fulfilment of SDG 16 targets,” Maza explained in her opening remarks.

Fisherfolk, CSOs give Duterte gov’t 1/10 rating on SDG 14 Life Below Water

July 16, 2021

“The Duterte government grossly failed the SDG 14, even at the very appreciation of its essence, and of the whole 2030 Agenda.  It failed on the elementary stage of setting Goals, Targets and Indicators, selectively highlighting items it favored, and clearly abandoned its essence of benefiting the marginalized and vulnerable small fisherfolk sector,” Fernando “Ka Pando” Hicap, PAMALAKAYA National Chairperson and a former lawmaker for Anakpawis Party-list, cited during the presentation of the Fisherfolk and People’s Agenda for SDG 14.

“Ecologically-sound, democratic, and sustainable economic systems: imperative for social and climate justice” —Advocacy groups

July 14, 2021

PRESS RELEASEJuly 14, 2021 “Ecologically-sound, democratic, and sustainable economic systems: imperative for social and climate justice” —Advocacy groups Environment groups, climate justice advocates, and civil society organizations tracked the Philippines’ progress in the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 (sustainable consumption and production or SCP) and 13 (climate action) in an online forum […]

Advancing people’s rights in consumption and production: a radical transformation for sustainable development

July 13, 2021

“There is no hope for sustainable consumption and production under the exploitative system that maintains the semi-feudal systems in the Global South” says Kurniawan Sabar, Director of the Institute for National and Democracy Studies (INDIES), an Indonesian independent research institute.  “Based on the experience and practices from many countries, the best way to mobilize communities and sectors is by solid organizing. This means that we be a part of communities and sectors that we are working with towards building programs and solidarity,” Sabar expounded

Trabaho, sahod, karapatan at ayuda to ensure sustainable economic growth —labor organizations

July 13, 2021

The organizations attribute the worsening employment crisis and its underlying issues not only to the pandemic and its economic throes but primarily to the government’s neoliberal framework which, according to them, favors the corporate sector and big businesses over workers and their rights.

Advancing People-Powered Sustainable Consumption in Asia and Africa

July 9, 2021

Current health, economic and ecological crises urge us to overhaul the prevailing system, and to replace it with People-Powered Sustainable Consumption and Production (PP-SCP), which prioritises the welfare of the people and planet and strives to dismantle systemic inequalities.

“Eliminating hunger and ensuring our nation’s food self-sufficiency starts with us” — farmer and civil society organizations

July 6, 2021

Hunger, which is said to be the most concrete manifestation of poverty, is prevalent in the poorest sectors—the urban poor, the workers, both in manufacturing and service sectors, and ironically, among the farmers and fisher folk. With the COVID-19’s economic throes, experts, including the UN World Food Programme, warned about the possibility of a “double pandemic” which entails widespread famines.

Demand accountability and justice on Duterte’s last year — CPDG

June 30, 2021

CPDG has long condemned the government’s growing anti-democratic legal measures such as the so-called Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 and the smear campaign against activists, development actors, and rights advocates. These are sham peace-building efforts that harm and even result in the death of rights defenders. Anti-crime and counterinsurgency operations in the last months have already taken so many lives aside from defamed and imprisoned countless red-tagged individuals.