Rule of law, justice expected to worsen under Marcos-Duterte administration—CPDG

“A climate of injustice and impunity looms under the incoming presidency. Both are apologists for the outgoing Duterte administration’s misdeeds and vowed to continue its anti-people policies including the constricting of democratic spaces,” Maza pointed out.

CPDG hits “dirty” and “doubtful” 2022 election results; warns of increased authoritarian rule under a Marcos-Duterte administration

Through the years, the elite government has allowed the rehabilitation of the Marcoses’ grandeur. Historical distortions, disinformation, misinformation, and mal-information mainly influenced the present political culture of the people, withal the rise of social media. The same government allowed an election system that lacks transparency.

COMELEC En Banc Resolution on Marcos disqualification: “Double murder and a sheer disrespect to all the victims of Martial Law”—CPDG

“Whether Marcos wins or not, his Presidential bid in the 2022 National Elections is a brazen show of disdain for their sins. It is a colossal effort to restore their name and power and erase the narratives of the Martial Law victims,” CPDG spokesperson, Liza Maza, told.

On World Press Freedom Day: “Reclaim our right to express and our free spaces”—CPDG

“Duterte, like the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, repressed the media and ordered the closure of the broadcast network ABS–CBN. Media outfits, news organizations, and journalists have been red-tagged or accused of being communist sympathizers, and journalists, including Lady Salem and Maria Ressa, have been arrested and incarcerated, yet freed afterwards. This only means that speaking the truth should not be criminalized and journalists should not be harassed,” Liza Maza, CPDG spokesperson, said.

Para sa sahod, trabaho, at karapatan sa paggawa: “piliin ang maka-manggagawang kandidato sa Mayo 9”—CPDG

Ang kahalagahan ng nakabubuhay, disente, at sustinableng empleyo o trabaho sang-ayon sa Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) ay malalim sapagkat kaugnay nito ang iba pang isyung pang-ekonomiya na dinaranas ng mamamayan. Pangunahin dito ang kahirapan at kagutuman. Ang kawalan ng maayos na hanapbuhay, at kawalan ng  kasiguruhan sa trabaho ay hindi lamang pipigil sa pagkamit ng mga target ng SDG 8, kundi pati na rin sa SDG 1 (Pagsugpo sa kahirapan) at SDG 2 (pagsugpo sa kagutuman).

CPDG on Palace Warning vs Opposition bets: enough with the political vilification!

“The Duterte government’s desperation to maintain power can be seen through the persecution of its so-called ‘enemies’—the unjust imprisonment of Anakpawis nominee Isabelo Adviento, the non-stop red-tagging of the entire opposition bloc, and many others”, said Council for People’s Development and Governance (CPDG) spokesperson Liza Maza.

Democratic governance watchdog CPDG scores arrest of redtagged Anakpawis partylist nominee Isabelo Adviento

Maza pointed out that if the government is confident that they have the majority of the public’s support, they should stop redtagging and vilifying their bets’ opponents—”fight fair and square and not use weaponized laws against the so-called ‘enemies of the State’.”

CPDG to candidates on World Health Day 2022: “Push for a people-centered and planet-friendly public health system”

“We have seen, felt, and experienced how government neglect of people’s rights worsened the situation that we’re in. Thus, we should urge candidates to veer away from this framework and adopt one that takes care of the people, especially those who are in the margins, and addresses the planetary crisis that aggravated the pandemic and its effects”, Maza remarked.

“Stop the lies and the intrigue!”—CPDG scores Office of the President, candidates, on claims of rebel involvement in campaign rallies

“The excessive security-mongering by the current administration, especially coming from the President himself, is worrisome,” said Council for People’s Development and Governance (CPDG) spokesperson Liza Maza.